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Am I A Guard, Forward or Center?

Determining what position to play can be difficult at times.  Am I a guard, forward or center?  Most players are playing out of position and ultimately hurting their chances of being recruited by their local high school coach or take it a step further, their college of choice. If you are one of those players who have aspiration of playing at the collegiate level or the professional level  you must figure out what position goes with your height.  Lets start with our recreation level player.  At this age players are starting to build the foundation of their game and quite frankly have no idea as to how tall or short they will be. ALL players should be working on their guard skills and if for some reason your little guy or girl becomes a little giant, hey it wont hurt for a 6’8 big man to have handle like a guard (wink, wink, Lebron James).  As players mature 7th-12th grade we now have a better idea of what position you should be playing.  We now follow our height scale.  6’3 and below will most likely be a point guard. Just think about it, there aren’t many 6′ guards able to stop Kobe Bryant who is a prototypical 2 Guard at 6’6.  We all know the old cliche that defense wins championships.  Work on your handles day in and day out.  This brings us to our next position, shooting guard.  If you fall between the height of 6’4-6’6 this is where you belong.  Your main job is to score the ball. Work on your scoring ability.  6’7-6’8 you are what we call a small forward.  This position in similar to the shooting guard position.  Your job is to score, score, score.  Our next position is our power forward position  6’8-6’11. This position is for those players who are built for power.  Some players are built for contact.  This would be for you.  Lastly is our center position we call these players the footers, short for 7 footers. If you are 7 feet, you need to work on your rebounding, dunking, and your back to the basket game. Centers who have good foot work and are able to run swiftly will be more successful during recruitment time. Following the height scale will help you determine what position you fall into.

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