Summer Camps

Summer is an ideal time for intense devotion to improving your basketball skills.

summer camps

Craig Austrie’s basketball summer camp will give your athlete the advantage to achieve the same critical and universal skills that College and NBA players use on a daily basis. These fundamental skills, although universal, are not always instilled at all levels! The Austrie basketball summer camp program is focused on developing the skills that other programs overlook. 




  • How to improve footwork:

Although some of us might not be as quick on our feet as others, there are ways to pick up the slack. With precise footwork training, we can even out the playing field. At the Austrie basketball camp, you will be trained to do just that!

  • How to shoot:

We have simplified shooting.  Players who learn our shooting style can become better shooters in minutes. Simple but true.

  • How to dribble with confidence:

We have also simplified dribbling. If players can learn “our trick”, they will see their turnover rate go down.  Again, simple but true.


Play games:

All games will be coached by former and current high school/college basketball players who have a passion and complete knowledge of the game.

This year’s summer camp will be like no other camp in town! I look forward to working with your athletes and making them overall better players by the end of their camp week!  All I ask is that they make the commitment too. Together, we can make a change!


Summer 2019 dates

Session I: July 8-12

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Session II: July 15 -19

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Session III:   July 22-26

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Grades: 6th – 9th
(Players grouped according
to age and skill level)



BlueStreak Training Facility

80 Largo Drive

Stamford, Ct 

Time: 9am-12pm