After nine years of hockey, my son Declan decided to trade in his skates.  His new passion – basketball!  It was as if a flip switched. He began practicing every day – for hours – but I knew that was not going to be enough. As a parent, I knew he needed the very best training I could find for him. He was going to have to compete against kids that have been playing basketball their whole young lives. I did my research – Craig was repeatedly, highly recommended.  Craig is one of the best things to every happen for Declan.  Craig is an exceptional instructor, a tremendous role model and a wonderful person.  Declan respects and admires Craig. Not only does Declan listen to Craig, he pushes himself for Craig and then for the game – anyone with a 14 year old boy knows how fantastic Craig must be to draw this dedication out.

Heather is wonderful too –Declan adores her. As a trained educator – she knows just how to read the kids and offers a great dimension to the program.

Working with Craig offers tangible results. As an Eighth Grader – new to the game – Declan did make his school’s A team. This is directly attributable to Craig’s coaching.

Craig Austrie’s Developmental Program is one of the best investments I have ever made in and for my son.  I highly recommend the program.

– Kimberly Fine, aka Declan’s mom – Grade 8, King