From private lessons, to his Saturday pick up leagues, Craig and his staff provide constant positive reinforcement while teaching in a setting that is very physically demanding. My son is always eager to spend more time developing with Craig. Craig's patience with the kids is something that comes incredibly naturally to him. It is a unique trait I don't think many teachers share. The weekly intense hour sessions have been the most positive learning experience, and skill development for my child. With all the travel team commitments the kids have these days, my son still prioritizes finding time for Craig's training.

Craig must also be lauded for his constant presence at the gym as a great role model. It is a wonderful learning environment. We will forever be fortunate to have him giving his time and knowledge to our area children. My son is already a dramatically better ball player and person after just over 1 year of working with Craig and his staff.

- Public School Parent, David Mazzullo