Craig's Dream

My Dream … Yours Could Be Similar

craigs dreamI had a dream to be a UConn Husky.  I knew that there would be considerable challenges, but I recognized that I could level the playing field by developing my basketball skills — ball handling, lay-ups, free-throw shooting, and mental preparation -- to be the best that I could be. As far as I was concerned when it came to developing my skills, the sky was the limit.

Kids need to have dreams, but if the dream seems like a long shot they sometimes give up.  My goal is to give players the tools necessary to succeed at their highest possible level.

I hope to instill in them the importance of discipline and hard work, both on the court and in the classroom. I’ve been through the recruiting process and know what it takes to be a highly sought-after college recruit and a Division 1 athlete. My ultimate goal is to give players the skills and confidence they need to succeed through a well-thought-out and dynamic program. Although basketball is the main attraction, participants are encouraged to apply the same formula to academics and daily living.  Being a winner isn’t just about the score in the game; it’s how you handle success, disappointment, and the drive to persevere.  It’s following your dream.


See you on the court,

Craig Austrie