"Thank you and Heather for providing such an excellent program.  The kids learn so much in a fun and positive environment.  You guys are so invested in this and it comes through in the way that you work with the kids.  Thank you SO SO much."

– Liz Waltzman, Parent of a 7th grader

"Yo man... I have to give you a compliment. You have my man Jack balln right now.  He came to tryouts and tore it up. Using both hands with his dribble, it was awesome to see. To be honest, he was kind of on the hot seat before he came in, but will move up the depth chart if he keeps it up. The difference between last season and this tryout is impressive. I have another kid that I have been telling to go and see you."

– Shawn Grant, 8th Grade Travel Coach

"My son had been training with Craig for about 3 months when he attended evaluations for our local basketball league.  The President of the league told us that he saw a 'definite improvement' in Adam, and chose him for his team.

"I met with Craig’s old coaches and school administrator recently, and they referred to Craig as a 'Class Act.'  And that is what comes across in his program.  He is patient with the kids, and has a cheerful personality and really focuses on their skills in a small group setting (usually 1 to 3 kids).  My son actually enjoys training and others are noticing the improvement.  This program is well worth it for us."

– Nicole Pate, Mother of 8th grader

After nine years of hockey, my son Declan decided to trade in his skates.  His new passion – basketball!  It was as if a flip switched. He began practicing every day – for hours – but I knew that was not going to be enough. As a parent, I knew he needed the very best training I could find for him. He was going to have to compete against kids that have been playing basketball their whole young lives. I did my research – Craig was repeatedly, highly recommended.  Craig is one of the best things to every happen for Declan.  Craig is an exceptional instructor, a tremendous role model and a wonderful person.  Declan respects and admires Craig. Not only does Declan listen to Craig, he pushes himself for Craig and then for the game – anyone with a 14 year old boy knows how fantastic Craig must be to draw this dedication out.

Heather is wonderful too –Declan adores her. As a trained educator – she knows just how to read the kids and offers a great dimension to the program.

Working with Craig offers tangible results. As an Eighth Grader – new to the game – Declan did make his school’s A team. This is directly attributable to Craig’s coaching.

Craig Austrie’s Developmental Program is one of the best investments I have ever made in and for my son.  I highly recommend the program.

– Kimberly Fine, aka Declan’s mom – Grade 8, King

From private lessons, to his Saturday pick up leagues, Craig and his staff provide constant positive reinforcement while teaching in a setting that is very physically demanding. My son is always eager to spend more time developing with Craig. Craig's patience with the kids is something that comes incredibly naturally to him. It is a unique trait I don't think many teachers share. The weekly intense hour sessions have been the most positive learning experience, and skill development for my child. With all the travel team commitments the kids have these days, my son still prioritizes finding time for Craig's training.

Craig must also be lauded for his constant presence at the gym as a great role model. It is a wonderful learning environment. We will forever be fortunate to have him giving his time and knowledge to our area children. My son is already a dramatically better ball player and person after just over 1 year of working with Craig and his staff.

- Public School Parent, David Mazzullo

"Thank you for providing such an excellent program. The kids learn so much in a fun and positive environment. You guys are so invested in this and it comes through in the way that you work with the kids."