Robin P.

"Our son has worked with Craig for three years.  Now he's in 6th grade.  His skills have improved dramatically under Craig's outstanding coaching.  Craig has a rare gift for seeing what's best, and not, in a child, and bringing out the best to make him awesome,  while gently but consistently honing what he needs help with to make him the best he can be.  Craig brings out the very best in his students and passes to them Craig's love of the game.

Thanks to Craig, our son improved his skills, and was able to live his passion by making two competitive travel teams. 

Our only complaint is that we have to wait for our little guy, now in Kindergarten, to do a Craig Austrie clinic, until he's in third grade :)).  I say that jokingly, because we really respect and appreciate Craig very much, and our Kindergartner keeps asking when he too can go work with Craig and be in Craig's programs.  He dribbles constantly around our house, like his big brother, and is nicknamed the Handle at home :)).

We are thrilled for Craig and his wife, with the birth of their baby girl, and we wish them all the very best in the world.  We hope Craig knows how much we value and appreciate his time, patience and outstanding coaching.

P.S I run into people from all over Fairfield county,  and at work in New York,  who know you.  "Craig is the BEST," is the consensus:  "Great man.  Awesome coach.  Awesome player.  Really good man."  Know that your fan base grows across the tristate area!!

 – Robin, a Greenwich mom.